Wednesday, February 20, 2019

First Hike To Borgy Rock

Sunday, Kay, Whitney and I had a great day skiing and riding all over The Basin. After a few fantastic, buffed out runs in The Spine and Face area, we headed for the Steep Gullies. We had great powder skiing coming down the 5th SG. A Pali Lift ride, some water at BML and a Lenawee Mountain Lift ride took us to the North Pole hike. After working our way down the entry rope, we had a fine run in 2nd Notch. A little ski traverse took us to the Willy's Staircase and the first Borgy Rock visit of the season. After slipping through the Snorkel Door, we made some fun turns down Booger. It was a beautiful day. As always, the women smoked me and I was tired.