Saturday, June 1, 2019

Summer Skiing - 3 Days A Week

After Sunday, June 2, Summer Skiing begins (I know it is not technically Summer, but it is Summer for us). We will be closed Monday thru Thursday and then will re-open for the long weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That pattern will continue through at least June 23. 

Many people have asked why we are closing those four days. We really try and match operations to business levels. While folks still skiing and riding are incredibly passionate about this sport, there are not quite as many of them still making turns in June. Many of our employees are moving on to their Summer jobs. With fewer visitors in Summer, we have found that by consolidating our business into those three days it works out better for both the business and the employees. I certainly appreciate that many of you wish we were skiing seven days a week.

During the closed days, our snowcat crew will be quite busy. We anticipate water to really start flowing in places. The snowcats will be opening water bars and managing the snow. We will have the snow very torn up for a few days and then will put it back together again by Friday.

As a result, uphill access will be closed Monday through Thursday. If conditions are still good, uphill access will re-open Friday.