Sunday, June 2, 2019

Thoughts on Snowpack, Streamflow and Weather

Check out the top diagram prepared by Joel Gratz at Opensnow. There is a lot you can read into it. The snowpack is 290% of normal for June 2. It doesn't mean the snowpack is huge, it means it hasn't really started melting yet.

The second diagram from USGS shows our nearby Snake River is well below its long term median. Over the last few days, its flow is really starting to jump. Rising streamflows equals increased melting of the snowpack.

The last diagram is our NOAA forecast for the next few days. Each day we should see high temperatures in the upper 50's  (I suspect maybe higher). The Snake River flow will continue to rise and, before too long, will be well above its long term median.

I am ecstatic that Pali, Beavers and Zuma Lifts were all still open today, June 2. That is much later than I ever would have guessed. Looking at these diagrams, I think our timing for consolidating operations to 3 days a week with Black Mountain Express and Lenawee Mountain Lifts is pretty good.

See you Friday. I'll keep my eye out for Lake Reveal.