Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Tuesday Snowmaking

I just hiked/boot skied down High Noon. The snow is very good. Last night was cold with a wet bulb low of 19 F. We have made serious progress and are further along than I had expected. With snowmaking, the first couple nights are for practice and to test the system. The next few nights we start to make some real progress. And, after the last few nights, we have something to get excited about. No opening date has been set, but opening is clearly in sight. The forecast the next couple nights is marginal, but starting this weekend, the temperature drops down into the teens. It won't be long.

Also, I just read that two Minnesota ski areas opened for skiing. Congratulations to Wild Mountain and Andes Tower Hills for kicking off the season!!!  If you make snow and open a lift, they will come.