Sunday, December 11, 2022

Acceptance Test Complete

We just finished  the two-day Acceptance Test. This involved an engineer from the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board (CPTSB), an engineer from the Forest Service and a bunch of engineers from the lift manufacturer, Leitner Poma. Additionally, we hire a third party engineer for us to make sure all of the other engineers were doing the right thing. They started, stopped, slowed and sped up the lift every way possible. They checked every switch, knob and widget they could find. They loaded the lift with boxes of water to simulate a fully loaded lift and tested how it performed. After all that is done, our Ski Patrol demonstrated that they can evacuate the lift if necessary.

We now have a punch list to complete. Upon completion of that list, we will get an operating license from CPTSB. We are talking just a few days now.