Friday, December 2, 2022

Lights On - Chairs On - Substantially Complete

This week we have completed some very significant events in our lift building world. First, our energy provider, Xcel, has fully energized the lift with electricity. The lights are on and, most importantly, all the electronics are powered up. We can now use the electric motor to spin the lift. Second, the chairs are on the lift. I can now comfortably say that the lift is "substantially complete." All the major construction elements have been taken care. There is a lot of fine tuning and electrical work to be completed.

Looking forward, the next several days will be spent taking care of the electrical and programmable tasks. Late next week we will do the formal "Acceptance Test" (commonly called Load Test) with the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board. After the test is completed, there will be a punch list of tasks to be addressed including building the loading and unloading ramps.  Once all of these concerns are satisfied, we will physically get our operating license from the CPTSB.

And yes, I did say "substantially complete."