Thursday, October 3, 2013

Viewing Tour of The Beavers

Peggy, Tim, Patrick and I took a group out for a viewing tour of the Beavers.  We rode BMX and Lenawee to the Summit.  We walked the Cornice Run to the top of Pali, stopping occasionally to chat and point out elements for our Beavers proposal.  We descended through the tundra to the top of the Steep Gullies for a grand view.  The tour was finished off by walking down Grizzly Ridge to mid-mountain and riding BMX to the base area.  We had an absolutely beautiful fall day.  It might have been the last day of "early fall."  The rest of the fall might be kind of white.


Anonymous said...

Hey Al, I'm sorry to say that i have lost touch with the blog this summer as I recently moved to Tahoe and have been busy with that.. but ill always be back to ski the basin! Where is the proposed terrain expansion? Will it be mostly beginner, intermediate or expert terrain? The 6th alley looks like its gunna be sweet!

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have a timeline on the Beavers? When do you expect it to officially be part of the Basin's inbounds terrain?


Blair Matthews said...

Fun time today! Thanks to all

Anonymous said...

Well-timed, A-Basin! Couldn't have done it today. YEAH for snow!