Sunday, October 25, 2015

Couple More Shots From This Morning


Manning Dix said...

Things look great... In response to a lot of comments I've read lately, mid-week is simply too early! However, the forecast looks excellent!! Expecting a few inches new by the end of the week and TEMPS IN THE TEENS!! Could not ask for better weather right now. Upper High Noon looks great, and the snow up there should definitely be sufficient for skiing by midweek! The lower mountain and base area are close! The obvious shrubs need to be covered on the bottom of High Noon, and things need to be widened up a bit for heavy traffic at the base area. The nights in the low twenties and teens this week should be perfect... Expect some BIG snowmaking whales near the base by Wednesday/Thursday and once those are pushed around we should be skiing!

Long term forecast looks excellent for getting a lot of other terrain open as well! This place will look and feel like winter by Thanksgiving!!

Al, you do a great job!

Mark Matis said...

So now you're seeding the clouds with rocket launches, like those ones heading to the upper right in each picture? WOW!!! That's some dedication!

Anonymous said...

Hi Al, firstly, thanks for all your updates and the dedication in getting everything ready. I have been following your blog religiously for the last couple of weeks as we are leaving Australia today with all our ski gear to have a go on your slopes...can't wait! Hope to catch up with you when get there and buy you a beer...or a coffee if it's as cold as I think it will be! Cheers

legally blunt said...

Hi Al, thank you for the regular updates and thank all the interesting posters.
I'll show this thread to my wife and kids that Daddy is not crazy to drive 8 hours to catch opening day at killington... Daddy is not crazy to fly 4 hours to Abasin. Daddy is just perfectly normal to insert one or two ski days on a trip to middle-earth. cheers.