Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dancing With The Mountain Stars - Flight for Life Fundraiser

Sometimes doing the right thing means getting totally out of character and really embarrassing  yourself.  So...............I will play a big role in the upcoming Flight for Life Fundraiser, Dancing with the Mountain Stars.  Ten of us are spending a couple of months with professional dance instructors and dancers preparing for this very exciting evening.  No doubt there will be plenty of fun and laughter throughout the night.  I will be sharing my Latin rhythms and moves dancing the Cha Cha.  If I can do this in front of a thousand people, you can come buy a ticket and support Flight for Life.  See you there.

A-Basin has been a big supporter of Flight for Life contributing financially to the hanger facility at the hospital.  Our ski patrol volunteers hundreds of hours to the Flight for Life Avalanche Deployment Rescue program.  Summit County is lucky to have such a resource.

For details about Dancing with Mountain Stars go to: