Friday, August 17, 2012

The Beavers?

The Beavers is the 400+ acre chunk of land immediately west of A-Basin.  There are two major zones within The Beavers, 1) The Steep Gullies and 2) The rest of The Beavers (Beaver Bowl, West Woods, Girl Scout, etc).  When driving West from the ski area, there is an excellent view of The Steep Gullies immediately West of The Alleys.  They are very steep and rugged chutes.  The rest of The Beavers is a combination of open bowls and great tree skiing.  This area is West and Southwest of The Steep Gullies.  While the Steep Gullies would be double black terrain, the rest of The Beavers would be a mix of blue and black terrain.

I found a couple of good blogs this morning about The Beavers and our MDP Open House.