Sunday, May 11, 2014

Zuma Was The Ticket Today

What an incredible May 11. It dumped all day. The skiing was good everywhere, but Zuma was over the top. We found great snow in Black Bear, Long Chute, Schauffler, and End zone. Nothing like a May face shot. I know where I am headed at first chair time tomorrow.

Now the forecast delivered today and still looks good for tonight. I suggest that Monday is one of those days that you "NEED" to be at The Basin. No joking around. You need to be here. With this big snow, especially starting out warm and cooling off, the roads are quite tricky and slippery. We had some real challenges on Highway 6 today with two trucks sliding off the road blocking the highway and the Upper Parking entrance. For about thirty minutes the road and parking was mess. Luckily, we got it all cleared up. So, my advice for tomorrow is leave early (Loveland Pass will probably be closed), drive slowly and carefully, and enjoy a big May powder day.