Wednesday, October 15, 2014

No Uphill Access Just Yet

Many people have come to really enjoy an uphill ski or snowshoe at the ski area, myself included. On the "Runs Open" section of our website there is section describing our Uphill Access program. For those interested, please read the website and stop by the Season Pass Office to get a Free Uphill Access Pass.

For now Uphill Access is closed. During the day, with a small amount of terrain open, it doesn't make sense to mix uphill users with downhill users in such a small place. After hours we have snowcats, snowmobiles, snowmaking fan guns, hoses, and power cords all over the trail creating a situation not conducive for uphill or downhill use. Once we get some more terrain open and spread people and equipment out a little more, we will open Uphill Access. Typically, that is sometime after we are open to the Summit, a few weeks from now.

I know people are anxious to get out there and enjoy the mountain going uphill. I know I am. Kay and I skin up a couple nights a week from November into May. We love it. Thanks for your patience. We have a lot skiing and skinning ahead of us.