Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Opening Day

OK, here is the formula for opening day.

We have  had 3 really good nights of snowmaking already. It looks to be a fair number of days until favorable snowmaking weather conditions return. Once it does get cold, we will make snow for a few good days and nights. Once we have made enough snow it takes a couple of days of grooming and dozing to get High Noon ready to open.

So, the answer to, "When is opening day?" is really easy.

A fair number of days + a few good days and nights + a couple of days = Several days until we open.

The truth is simple, we don't quite know yet. We are totally poised and ready. At this stage of the game, our absolute top priority is to get open. None of the current construction activity will delay opening. VERY SIMPLY, it has to get colder and then we have to make snow. Trust me, it won't be long. I can assure you that as soon as I know, we will tell the world.