Sunday, October 19, 2014

Snowmaking - The Next Steps

The wet bulb temperature the last few nights has been down to about 27 F, not ideal snowmaking. We have turned the system on a couple of those nights and made a little bit of snow.

When we put the snow cats on High Noon, we re-positioned nearly all of the snow guns. We kept several guns on High Noon. We deployed 2 guns on Dercum's Gulch above Black Mountain Lodge and the rest of the guns were placed on Ramrod. So, our next steps are 1) freshen up and enhance High Noon, 2) make snow on Ramrod and get it open, and 3) get started on Dercum's Gulch, working our way towards the top.

It looks like mid week, we may see some changes in the weather. Let's hope the overnight lows start dipping further down into the 20's or lower. While we are in a bit of a snowmaking lull at this very moment, it won't take much to really pick things up. The reservoir is full and the equipment is poised exactly where we need it.