Wednesday, November 26, 2014

58 Inches in 16 Days

November has been very good.  In the last 16 days, 58 inches of snow has fallen. This morning I spent a couple of hours out tooling around with the Ski Patrol. They opened up the rest of Lenawee Parks and Upper Exhibition (some fine powder skiing in both places). The storm was delightfully large and we are playing a little bit of catch up right now. Intense avalanche work is occurring on Pali and in Zuma Bowl. We have snowcats working today in closed terrain on the Cornice Run and a few other places. As we look towards the next couple days you can expect to have quite a bit more terrain open.  I anticipate the opening of Wrangler, Humbug, Cornice/ West Wall, and maybe Slalom Slope, Grizzly, and Radical. Starting tomorrow, we should see several days of sunny skies. If you are the kind of person that loves skiing beautiful, blue days or skiing powder on fresh openings, I recommend a visit. It looks like mid winter out there.