Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Does This Snow Mean?

This is shaping up to be an extraordinary week. We have had about 5-6" of snow since report time this morning with more expected the next few days.

So what does that mean for trail openings? Our snowmaking plan keeps marching forward. In order of completion, the next priorities are getting Molly Hogan open, buffing out Lenawee Face / Dercum's Gulch, and getting Sundance and Lower Wrangler open. Natural snow only helps this process.

Regarding opening the trails that do not have snowmaking, it is virtually impossible to predict dates. We can, however, provide some reasonably accurate info as it relates to our natural Midway Snow Depths. When the base gets in the 15-20" range, we can usually get Chisholm Trail and Upper Wrangler open. When the base hits the 20-25" range, we often open Lenawee Parks and Cornice / West Wall. Once the base breaks the 30" mark, Pallavicini Trail is getting pretty darn close.

Right now our man made, snowmaking base is 18". That is what we report until the natural Midway Base exceeds 18". Once you see a base of 19" or greater, we are getting close to opening trails with natural snow. Very, very, very loosely, about each 4" of new snow compacts down to about a 1" increase to the base - very, very loosely.

Tonight's chance of snow. We already beat it.