Monday, November 3, 2014

Beginner Terrain Timeline

I know some people are excited to get out with friends and family on the beginner terrain. While I can't quite put exact dates out there yet, we are getting closer. Our top priority continues to be getting Lenawee Mountain Chairlift and Lenawee Face and Decrcum's Gulch trails open. That said, we are also working on Pika Place including that conveyor lift. If all goes well, that could open within a week. Once we are open to the top, we will shift resources to Molly Hogan and I anticipate that teaching arena to open about mid-November. After Molly Hogan, we will shift our snowmaking resources to Sundance and then Lower Wrangler.

As quick note, last night was awesome for snowmaking. We should see good, cold temperatures for several days now. Very good news.