Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Ski Day

What a beautiful day. I spent most of it skiing around the mountain with my son, Justin, who is visiting for the holidays. We ended up getting 6" out of this storm, 4" this morning and 2" yesterday morning. The skiing was tremendous. We skied everywhere. The Lower Mountain was awesome. Slalom Slope, West Wall, and Lenawee Parks were in fine shape. Powerline and Norway are just about ready to open. The snowmakers were out working on the next park and Powerline. We didn't get there first thing, but were early enough to pop through the powder lumps. By far the biggest treat was skiing Pali. We took four laps on The Spine and The Face. So Fun. While you still want to be a little extra careful, we found great snow. We are looking at fantastic conditions for the holidays with unsettled weather, possibly, through the end of the month. The skiing....AWESOME.