Thursday, December 18, 2014

Montezuma Bowl - Columbine

Yesterday, I skied Columbine in Montezuma Bowl. For a 23" base, it was pretty darn good. Our snowfences have caught a tremendous amount of snow. The snowcats have been able to work that snow effectively creating some decent coverage down to Tower 12-13. The cats have not been below that zone, but there is a fair bit of snow down low. The forecast beginning Sunday is encouraging. Let's not jinx this, but I think the outlook back there is bright. We will continue managing the snow aggressively with fences, snowcats, and avalanche mitigation. The Bowl opens in the 40ish" base range. If we score on the high end of next week's forecast, we just may have something to talk about.

Truth be told, I am getting a little excited.