Friday, August 9, 2019

Minor Re-Route - ANF

We have had an International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) - Trails  Solution team here this summer. They have been working closing with our trail crew on a few projects. As mentioned in an earlier post, they added a section to the Lower Argentine North Fork (ANF) Trail giving people a chance to start hiking right in the base area, bypassing the water tank road.

They have just completed a re-route of the ANF about half way to Black Mountain Lodge. There was a really tight and very steep turn that was eroding badly. We re-did a couple of turns in the section below The Banana and it will flow a lot better.

What I most excited about is that the IMBA / A-Basin teams have just started Trail 2 (check the map below). It will be primarily a one way, downhill mountain biking route. We hope to complete the lower half of it by the time the snow starts sticking. They are a few hundred feet into it and there are some sweet turns.