Saturday, August 31, 2019

Trail Building near Paliwog

The Trail 2 construction crew is moving right along. Eventually, the trail, designed for downhill mountain biking, will go from Black Mountain Lodge to the Base Area. This summer we are building the lower half of it. The crew started at the Banana (gap between High Noon and Sundance halfway down Lower Mountain) working their way downhill and west. The trail surfaces and turns look fantastic. They have crossed beneath Black Mountain Express and Pallavicini Lifts and have reached their furthest west point in The Glen (between Rock Garden and Paliwog). They have completed the first of three switchbacks there. It won't be too long before they finish in the base area at Molly Hogan.

As of now we plan on running our trails as a cross country system. If there is interest and demand for lift served riding, we are open to consider that. As of now, however, we do not have plans for a lift haul.

Over the next couple of summers we have plans to build an exceptional loop on the Upper Mountain.