Friday, December 13, 2019

Big Powder - Beavers - North Side

This is a big powder day, we have a foot of new snow and there is possibly another foot, or more, to follow. Mother Nature has provided.

The Beavers will open Saturday morning. The exact time will be dictated by weather events the next 24 hours. We will start with Loafer and Davis and, I suspect, additional terrain will follow. The skiing out there is awesome.

This is a good weather event for the North Side. As I write, we have several snow safety teams running routes. Looking out my window, it is snowing so hard I can barely see Tower 4 on BMX. As the morning progresses, more snow falls and the Patrollers complete their work, a few treats may be available.

This is an incredible storm cycle for us. Check out the "Atmospheric River" in the image below.