Wednesday, December 11, 2019

We Are Poised

We are sitting in an ideal position, poised to have all kinds of skiing available very soon. Already, the quality of the skiing is outstanding. Much of the terrain available from the top of Pali has been skied and is packed. The Patrollers are working in the Steep Gullies today. All the lifts are ready to go. The Snowmakers are finishing up a stellar job on Norway. Trevor is track packing Davis with the winch cat for the second time. Loafer is not far behind. We have a really good forecast for snow Thursday night thru Sunday. Conditions wise, we are in the perfect spot, ready to receive and capitalize on this next storm. Assuming we get decent snow and a good till from the Cat Drivers, a Beavers opening is right around the corner.......maybe this weekend.

And the Cat Drivers are already 80% of the way down Columbine to the bottom of Zuma Lift.