Saturday, December 14, 2019

I Think Today Was Better

We reported a very fat 7" of new snow today. It has been snowing all day......again. Today's snow was less wind affected than yesterday's snow. Blower Pow would be a good description.

Davis in the Beavers opened before 9 AM. Loafer followed about an hour later. Both trails were incredible. Alex, Jetta and Jaeger all had limited openings. I skied all three of them and it was like skiing a foot and a half of new snow. I couldn't stop smiling. So, So GOOD. In the next half hour Thick and Thin will have a limited opening. Of all my runs this morning, that one was the best and that is saying something

Pali and the Alleys are now open regularly along with Standard and 13 Cornices. As I write, there is a limited opening going on in North Glade.

We couldn't ask for more.