Sunday, November 20, 2022

Haul Rope Is On

The haul rope is now on the lift. As the process begins, the rope is on a giant spool at the bottom terminal.  Here are some cool pictures showing the process.

Picture 1 - At the bottom terminal the haul is attached to the pilot line shown in the center of the photo. A winch is pulling the pilot line which is pulling the haul rope uphill onto the lift.

Picture 2- The haul rope progressed to a few towers up the hill.

Picture 3 - The haul rope has been pulled all the way to the top, gone around the bullwheel in the top terminal, travelled all the way down the line and is now entering the bottom terminal.

Picture 4 - While the lift is still de-tensioned, the haul rope is now on the towers and through both terminals.

Splicing the rope is scheduled for later this week.