Friday, November 11, 2022

Uphill Access Open 5 AM - Chairlift Opening

Uphill Access is now open from 5 AM until the chairlifts open in the morning. Due the chairlift construction impacts on snowmaking, we will be having an atypical start to the "Uphill Season."  For now, keep the following rules in mind:

    -Uphill Access is only open from 5 AM until the chairlifts open.

    -Uphill Access is only open on Lower Sundance, High Noon and Ramrod.

    -There is no Uphill Access above Black Mountain Lodge.

    -Uphill users must purchase an Uphill Access Pass. If users have not physically picked up their pass, they should bring confirmation of purchase.

Skinning, hiking and snowshoeing up the hill is a very fun and healthy way to spend time at The Basin. Please follow our Uphill Access rules Uphill Access.  Enjoy.