Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Final Rando Race

This past Friday we held our final Randonee Race of the season. Similar to all seven of the Rando races we hosted this season, Friday's event had some seriously competitive athletes and some not quite so serious athletes enjoying a good a event. Fun was the theme for everyone. 

Back in January and February we held four races in our Tuesday morning A-Basin Rise and Shine Rando Series. In March and April we held three races in our Friday night Alpenglow Ascents Series. For our uphill users that are more into culinary activities than racing activities we held "A Night in Bavaria" in December. This was a NO LIFT Black Mountain Lodge Moonlight Dinner. With alpine touring being the fastest growing segment of our ski world, we are looking for ways to create good events and activities for this active crowd. Let me know of any good ideas you have for uphill users.

Hey, we had 4" new again today. That makes a foot for this storm. ..............And it is still snowing. What a great spring.