Friday, April 25, 2014

Terrain Progression

I had a nice afternoon ski today. Timed it just right skiing an inch of very soft snow. BML deck sure looked good.

I have been getting a lot of questions about terrain openings and closings and what our progression will be. We are at that time of year when all kinds of things can happen. Early in the week, the temps were quite warm barely hitting freezing at night. Later in the week we saw much colder temps (Yesterday morning it got down to 7 F). Looking forward, we have a bunch of moisture heading towards Colorado Sunday. Let's hope it zeros in on the Basin. Getting a seriously big dump this time of year is common. As of now, the forecasted temps next week are mostly below freezing.

So, the single biggest factor impacting the closing of terrain will be warm temps. With possibly good snow Sunday and Monday and decreasing temps, I don't see much closing in the near future. We may see some short term avalanche closures if the storm materializes. Right now we still have good coverage with snow and cold temps coming our way. I think we will be into May before we see significant terrain shut down.