Sunday, March 1, 2020

Camel Speed Skiing

A few weeks ago I received a very cool package and letter in the mail from David Guenther. David had spent time working and hanging out at Keystone and A-Basin in the 1980's. That had been a very fun time in his life. He sent me this Camel Speed Skiing hat from 1984. David and I spoke on the phone. We shared some common friends and we shared a few good laughs.

The 1984 Camel Speed Skiing event occurred in April on the East Wall. While hindered by heavy snowfall and avalanches, the event stirs extraordinary memories for those that were around that year. It was my fun first year in Summit County. I was skiing every day at The Basin and working as a busboy and waiter at a restaurant down on Keystone Lake. The event featured local legend and former World Speed Skiing record holder CJ Mueller. For a great write up on the event and a cool picture of CJ click on the link below. It was also the end of an era when events like this were sponsored by cigarette companies.