Monday, March 2, 2020

Tramway Board

All nine of our lifts at Arapahoe Basin are licensed and regulated by the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board. Each Fall we go through a rigorous, scheduled licensing inspection reviewing all of our equipment and record keeping. The inspector pokes, prods, twists and turns just about everything he can get his hands on. He spends a great deal of time reviewing all of our maintenance records making sure we have all of things done that we are supposed to have done. Once we successfully get through that process, the state issues us a one year license for each lift.

One or more times during the season, we have an unscheduled, unannounced inspection of all nine lifts again. We don't know when it will happen until the inspector arrives that day. This time the inspector will do much of what he did in the fall as well as spending time with our lift operators, lift mechanics and ski patrollers. This inspection focuses on staff, staff training, systems and procedures. While the whole process can be kind of challenging, it is a great system that keeps all of us on our toes. It serves the people that ride the lifts well and it serves the people that own and operate the lifts well.

Today was our unannounced, unscheduled inspection.