Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Benchmark Dates

We track a lot of benchmark dates at A-Basin. The ski area has been open since December 1946. Unfortunately, we only have really good dates for the last 25 years. Here are some interesting benchmarks for Arapahoe Basin trivia buffs.

Earliest Opening - October 9, 2009. I have long heard rumor of a huge fall storm, perhaps September 1961, that led to a very early opening at A-Basin. I hear the same story from people at Loveland. Maybe one of these days I will dive into the NOAA records and figure that one out. Maybe someone with that knowledge will comment on this blog. The installation of snowmaking in 2002 changed our opening from a mid-November/mid-December date to mid-October.

Latest Closing - August 10, 1995. Not only was that one of our biggest snowfall seasons, but there was a combined snowfall in February, March, April, and May of 303 inches. We were 100% open well into June.

Longest Season - 1994-95. That season had 245 operating days lasting from December 9, 1994 through August 10, 1995.  I have to admit the final days required downloading on Exhibition, uphill loading at Old Mid-Lenawee, a lot of walking in Dercum's Gulch with skiing on Lenawee Face and Humbug. It was a very interesting experiment that draws some great and very funny memories (comical) from those of us that were there.