Friday, October 4, 2013

Mea Culpa

OK, I have to come clean on something.  I noticed over the summer that I was getting almost no comments on the blog directly, but lots of comments through Facebook.  I just thought that was a change in the way people were commenting.  Well, the other day I saw Bumpy and he told me he had been trying to comment on the blog and the comments were not being accepted.  So, we looked into that and found something screwy going on with the Blogger website.  Turns out, we found about 250 comments that had not gotten through.  I have since posted most of them.

I really apologize for this.  I certainly was not ignoring your feedback.  We still haven't quite figured out the Blogger problem, but we at least know where to look for comments that don't get through the system. Again, sorry for this.  Please, please keep commenting.   Thanks.