Monday, October 21, 2013

Elsa Bailey - Polar Bears

Last May Elsa Bailey celebrated her 100th birthday at A-Basin skiing Pika Place. It was a very touching and special day for everyone that participated. Elsa was interviewed by the press many times. In those interviews she discussed a "bucket list" of goals.  One of those goals included seeing the polar bears in Churchill Manitoba. I recently saw a story on the news that said she did go to Manitoba and see the polar bears.

Yesterday at The Basin, I met a woman named Becky Pahl that works for the adventure travel company "Natural Habitat." Becky shared Elsa'a polar bear story with me. Her company happens to offer polar bear trips. After seeing Elsa's A-Basin's birthday story on the news, Becky and her co-workers contacted Elsa and arranged for her to go to Churchill. I have attached a link to a very good story on Elsa's visit from the Winnipeg Free Press. Thank you to Natural Habitat for adding another great chapter to Elsa's story.

To learn more about "Natural Habitat" check out these links: