Tuesday, October 8, 2013


No snowmaking last night.  The forecast for tonight and Wednesday is not particularly outstanding.  It looks like that is going to change Thursday afternoon.  As we track the weather, it looks like Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights have potential for good snowmaking weather.

The streamflow in the North Fork of the Snake River is extremely high for this time of year.  It might be the highest we have seen for snowmaking. For most of the snowmaking season, available water is the limiting factor.  With the high stream levels this year we have lots of water available for snowmaking.  Assuming we avoid abnormally warm temperatures the next few weeks, snowmaking should be move along at a much faster pace than we have seen in the past.

We still have not selected an opening date.  We look forward to the colder temperatures Thursday and Friday nights.  The rumor I keep hearing about opening Friday is a bit optimistic.  Please stay tuned.