Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thanks For Joining Us

Thanks to all of you that joined us today.  While the clouds have moved in a bit lately, most of the day was beautiful with blue skies.  It was a little bit busy, but spirits were high.  The snow quality was equally good. Ramrod should open soon and the Upper Mountain will follow soon after.  Somehow, our guests managed to find the temporary bar in the A-Frame.

There has been a lot of discussion and questions about opening weekday or weekend.  Ideally, we like to open on a weekday, giving us a chance to "ease" into the season.  Obviously, we were ready to roll today (Sunday) and opted to open.  We would never remain closed on a weekend if we were ready.  I enjoyed all the discussion others wrote about our opening strategy.  I can really simplify it, "Our objective is to open as soon as the snow and all of our operations are ready, weekday or weekend doesn't matter."

Thanks for skiing and riding The Basin.