Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Spring Day

This was just another spring day at The Basin.  I actually skied all morning.  We had a good freeze last night. The snow was just perfect as it softened.  Took several runs in Zuma Bowl on Columbine and Shining Light.  That is a fun place to ski.  The Lower Mountain was really good too.  Bumped into some old friends and enjoyed a great lunch at BML.

The 80's sensation, 6 Million Dollar Band, played all afternoon in the base area.  They had a tremendous following.  Lots of neon.  I think I spent the 80's wearing jeans and flannel shirts.  The colors today were very vivid.  People were dancing their hearts out and having a great time.  I saw one of those DEVO flower pot hats. Taylor H from our Lift Operations Department is the new proud owner of a shiny, black New Belgium cruiser bike.

I didn't quite understand the big boat down on The Beach.  Don't worry those guys in the bottom photo are with me.