Tuesday, May 14, 2013


More snow nerd stuff.  Actually, the attached links bridge my two favorite passions, snow / skiing and river running.  The first link details streamflows for most major Colorado rivers and creeks.  The second link specifically details flows on the Snake River.  Water on the frontside of A-Basin drains directly into the the North Fork of the Snake River which drains into the Snake River.  Water in Montezuma Bowl drains directly into the Snake River.  This link is for a gauging station named "Snake River near Montezuma, CO".  The station is on the main stem of the Snake just below its confluence with the North Fork.  In the 72 hours from midnight on May 10 to midnight on May 13, you can see streamflow tripled from 20 cfs (cubic feet per second) to 60 cfs.  You can see that streamflow really increases during a warm day until about midnight and then drops off a bit as night time temperatures cool off and snowmelt decreases.  It is interesting right now that each day's peak flow is higher than the previous day's peak. Clearly, water is on the move.  These are good clues for the snowpack and a great planning tool for your next river trip.