Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mountain Update

I have a few more updates for you.  Today was the last day for Pallavicini and Molly Hogan Chairlifts.  Molly's Magic Carpet is also done for the season. The Pika Place teaching conveyor will be open through at least Sunday.  Norway Lift will be open Saturday and Sunday.  Black Mountain Express and Lenawee Chairlifts will be open until the very end.  We will keep Montezuma Bowl open as long as we can.

The quality of skiing on the steep stuff really deteriorates when the temps are this warm.  East Wall, The North Side, and West Zuma are now closed.  The best skiing in late May and June is usually found in places that are compacted the most, either by skiers, or, even better, by snowcats.  Some people really like the deep slush late in the day.  Me, I love skiing that early morning corduroy just after the sun has been on it and the top inch is soft.  Great for carving turns.

No sign of Lake Reveal during my morning ski.  It has to pop out any day now.