Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pali Trail Closed

I never like giving this message, but the Pali, North Glade, and West Zuma gates are closed.  Each spring, as temperatures really start to warm, we become concerned with water running through the snowpack creating unstable snow in the very steep terrain.  Well, that time has come.  We have instrumentation buried in the snow and our patrollers have spent a great deal of time digging and looking at the snow. The water in the snow is quickly approaching a condition that guides us to close these areas.  In addition to the instruments and the digging, we have several other indicators.  For the next several days, The Basin will barely hit the freezing levels.  High temperatures over that period will be near 60 F.  Runoff in the Snake River appears to be sharply increasing.  The newscasters are warning us of flood potentials and possibly wild fire danger by the week's end.  Good clues and the hard data tell us the water is on the move.  We will be keeping a close eye on The East Wall and MGD.

Don't let this totally bum you out.  We still have plenty of awesome skiing left.  We will keep Pali Lift open a bit longer.  Black Mountain Express, Lenawee Mountain and Zuma Chairlifts will be open until June 2 (at least).  Our Saturday May Concert Series is going strong.  The Festival of the Brewpubs is May 26.  With these temps, Lake Reveal will pop out soon.  The Adirondack chairs at Black Mountain Lodge are the perfect lounge site as we roll into bikini season.  There will be plenty of Colorado bluebird days.  The Beach is jamming.  There is no place like Arapahoe Basin in May and June.