Sunday, May 26, 2013

Winding Down Zuma

It is like saying good bye to a friend for a few months.  Monday, Memorial, May 27 will be the last day of the season for Montezuma Bowl.  While we started a bit late back there, we sure finished strong.  As I look back in time, I remember good ski seasons, I remember good storms, I remember good days.  Sometimes I even remember that incredible run.  I made a post on April 15 about a great ski day.  The entire day, skiing with Kay and her friend Annie, was absolutely incredible.  I will always remember that first Schauffler run in Zuma that day.  It dumped all day.  Every run was great.  West Zuma opened in the afternoon.  Incredible. But, that first run on Schauffler, OH MAN was it good.  Snow going over my head.  Feeling nothing but powder under foot.  That is a run I will always cherish.  We had a special 104 days in Zuma this year.  That Schauffler run was over the top.  Can't wait until next season.