Saturday, May 9, 2015

Another May Day

I particularly enjoy the view of The Summit (top of Zuma, Lenawee, Norway) from The North Pole hike.

The day started out with heavy snowfall. That broke up and the sun came out. Pali opened. The East Wall and North Pole gates opened. The skiing was stellar out there and smiles were everywhere.

We closed the day with a great band, "EUFORQUESTRA", in the base area. It started snowing after their break. The crowd loved them and the snow didn't slow anybody down. Speaking of snow, the forecast for the evening still looks great. Looking out my window, the snow is falling heavily and straight down. 

I suggest an early arrival tomorrow morning. Avoid showing up between 11 and 1. The skiing will be over the top good and our lifts do a nice job of spreading people out.  Plan your arrival prudently.