Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Discussion - Pali and Zuma Closing

A few have suggested we close Zuma Lift and keep Pali Lift open. These two decisions are made independently. We are not sacrificing Pali Lift to keep Zuma Lift open.

Zuma Lift has a couple of great groomers still open. Most of the avalanche terrain there is closed. Lift ridership back there is still good. There is no rule saying we can only have a certain number of lifts open. Zuma being open has nothing to do with Pali being open or closed.

Pali is closed now. We are not expecting any notable freezes this week. Don't confuse cool, gray weather with good, cold freezing weather. Temperatures by the weekend are forecast to be in the fifties. While I know there are still a few people that would like to use the lift, we know from experience that ridership there drops significantly as we get to these late spring conditions. As the weather warms and Pali becomes less desirable to ski, fewer people ride the lift. There comes a time to let her go.

I know many of us don't want to see Pali close. The excitement and passion regarding this lift is way cool. It is certainly my favorite lift - anywhere. Its closure for the summer has nothing to do with Zuma Lift.