Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pali - East Wall Re-Opened, But.......

After nearly 24 hours of below freezing temperatures, Pali and the East Wall (southern portion below the Traverse) re-opened today. The sun did pop out and temps heated up in the afternoon. The Wall stayed open all day and Pali was open until 2:45.

Decisions to open terrain in these conditions are made day to day and hour to hour. These decisions are made by the Snow Safety team, not me, not marketing, not anyone else. I know you would love a schedule of when and where openings are going to occur, but we just don't KNOW that right now. What we do know is that the forecast the next few days is calling for snow and, especially this weekend, much colder temperatures. If we get cold temps and get that water locked up and if we get some new snow on top of the old snow........Oh boy, we could see some really good skiing out there. No promises, but I think the odds are pretty good for some more vintage, A-Basin, May powder skiing on the Pali.