Saturday, May 23, 2015

Last June We.........

Today was a fun, exciting and challenging day at The Basin. It snowed much of the morning. We had an hour + lightning closure and then the sun came out and people had a great time. The "Wash Park" band played in the afternoon outside and "Local Folk" played in The 6th Alley.

For the last ten years we have targeted the first Sunday in June as our closing day. This year is no exception. For three of the last four years we have extended our season beyond that first Sunday and re-opened for one or more weekends. When we re-opened, we did so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For a lot of reasons, the 3 day a week program works very well.

With the wet and cool May, this year is obviously looking good for an extension. We are going to get past this Memorial Day weekend and take a good hard look at all the issues including snow conditions, weather forecast, business levels, and general skier enthusiasm and vibe. Mid-week-ish look for an announcement about our plans beyond June 7.