Saturday, May 2, 2015

Digging In The Snow

This time of year the Snow Safety team spends some extra important time digging in the snow. They have installed electronic probes in the snow near the top of Pali Face. They are checking out the snow structure. They are checking out the snow stability. They are checking out water moving in the snow. Most significantly, they are checking out the impact of water moving in the snow on the snow structure and snow stability. 

It is May, the temperatures are getting warm, and we have had minimal freezes at night. As good as the skiing has been on Pali this week, we are approaching that time when the steeper terrain may be closing. Exactly when the closures will happen and whether they are for good or not, is hard to say. With moist weather expected the next week, we may see cooler temperatures and a little snow. The staff will be monitoring the snow, literally, around the clock. There comes a time when the spring skiing shifts from the steeper stuff to more our blue and dark blue terrain.